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Mentisano is an Italian word meaning Whole Mind. At Mentisano we believe being healthy encompasses Mind, Body and Spirit. Much like a three-legged stool cannot remain upright without all three legs intact, individuals cannot experience Whole Health without finding satisfaction in Mind, Body and Spirit.

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Instruct, inspire and initiate mind, body and spirit wellness for whole health.

The mission is rooted in the belief that we minister to the whole person with an emphasis on  a person’s faith to be acknowledged, explored, nourished and utilized in a compassionate and loving environment.  By developing strong spiritual, emotional and physical “muscles” we believe whole health especially whole minds are achieved. Therefore, we respect and care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those we serve. We welcome all faiths and beliefs.

To fulfill our mission, we pledge to:

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Communicate to all concerned that addressing the needs of patients, clients, and their families is our primary objective.

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Provide a comprehensive range of health, behavioral, pastoral, and supportive services without regard to age, religion, race, sex, or national origin.

Recognize the importance of providing quality care that meets or exceeds the generally accepted standards of the community, in an efficient and cost-effective manner;

Group Therapy

Provide a safe and well-maintained physical environment;

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Holding Hands

Offer health-promotion services and educational programs to the community;

One on One Feedback

Evaluate the needs of those we serve to determine if the existing array of services are to be modified or expanded;

Work cooperatively with appropriate service agencies, as well as churches and other religious organizations, to assure that patient and community needs are met.

Holding Hands

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Group Therapy


The vision of Mentisano to aspire to live out our ministry of healing and caring to fulfill the need for quality services offered in an accepting and loving environment. We seek to provide an ever widening and enriched continuum of high-quality services. We commit ourselves to the principles of acceptance and love thereby enabling us to carry out God’s work with integrity and compassion.

At Mentisano we aspire to empower individuals to become healthy by proactively working with them to:

Recognize the areas of their lives they are not satisfied with and provide education and therapeutic resources to begin their journey of change.

This goal will be achieved by utilizing:

The 8 Dimensions of Wellness – an assessment tool designed to help clients determine what areas of their lives they perceive dissatisfaction.

Alternative Modalities – Yoga, meditation, energy work, and therapeutic massage help with any spiritual or physical life crisis.

Community – provide respect, support, acceptance, hope, compassion and unity so clients can work towards goals in an environment that helps them thrive through partnerships with existing community services and services provided on campus. 

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