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Hear what our patients have said about the Mentisano Mental Health practice.

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"Angela is the best, she is knowledgeable, caring and I feel so fortunate to have been referred to her. She patiently listened to my issues and developed a treatment plan. I feel so much better and happier. Couldn’t recommend her enough!"



"I have been a patient of Angela for years and i absolutely love her. Angela use to practice with a different office which is where i originally started being seen by her. Once Angela went off into her our practice, I was so unhappy with the care of the person who took over for her that I actually followed Angela to her new place. I would hands down recommend becoming a patient of Angela Sheehan to anyone who asked."



"Angela has helped me to change my life from what felt like a broken hopeless mess to a happy fulfilling life. I went to her after years of horrible experiences at the VA and she got me a appointment asap as I was in crisis. She was kind to me and had a lot of knowledge on my psychiatric disorders. She treated me with extremely effective medications that have managed all of my symptoms and allow me to be happy, completely functional and calm. I highly recommend her, she changed my life and continues to be a light in my life as I look forward to every appointment with her."

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